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Drive to Arukani and Pathukani

I was planning to do a ride to arukani & pathukani for a long time. Each time when i plan for it there would be some sort of troubles comming up. And this time all was clear. No obstacles.

Arukani is a village which is situated in the pechiparai hills. It is situated almost 15 kms from Kulasekaram town. From Kulasekaram, we should take the road towards nedumangad. We need to cross Thirparappu. From a village named Kaliyal we need to take right. Then we need to cross some villages like Kadayalamoodu, Pennu, Pathukani to reach Arukani.

As the name suggests the kani tribes live here. There is no attraction over there in arukani. But the way towards arukani is awesome. There are lots of rubber estates. On the way we can see the parts of Pechiparai reservoir. There are some dams like Chittar and Anamugam which is on the way. From Pennu, a road deviates and go to a place called Ganapathikal. There are some awesome scenaries over there.

In Arukani, there is a govt school which is meant for the kani children. We were actually planning to go beyond Arukani, but the road works were going on and we were unable to cross over it. May be next time we will go to those places. There is a small hill where we can do a trekking.

As this drive to arukani was planned all of a sudden i could not able to invite my friends. I had to call my cousin brother. He was driving my MM 540 jeep throughout the journey.

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