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Ownership Review - Mahindra Thar DI 2WD

Prior to the purchase of Mahindra Thar DI 2WD we had a MM 540 95 Model. We bought it as a used vehicle in 2011 and used it for 2 years. After we bought it we repainted it and used it for some time. It was comming up with some problems and the process of taking it to the local mechanic shop was really a paining one. The primiary usage is for going to our estate and for taking things from there. besides i use the jeep in the week ends. as the visit to the local mechanic became a routine job for my father, we then decided to sell it off and buy a new one so that we can able to use it for a long term basis. Finally we sold the MM 540 '95 Model for 1.30 L. Seems to be a better price. We had already shortlisted Thar DI 2WD and i had a another thought if we can go in for Force Gurkha. But when i discussed it with my friends, they said the A.S.S of Force Motors is not available in our area and it would be problem. So i cancelled it and went for Thar. I did not consider going in for 4WD as the 2WD is meeting all out requirement of use. We booked the Thar in Kodai Automobiles in Tirunelveli, TN. The sales advisor told us that they need to bring the vehicle from Hosur, it may take 10 days at the max. So in the mean time we planned to get loan from ICICI Bank.

The guy who was responsible for the Loan in ICICI was telling us to bring hell a lot of documents and we gave it to him and he was telling us to bring another documents for loan processing. I really got fedup with him and proceeded to Royal Sundaram. The useless formalities in ICICI made me to go in for Royal Sundaram and the process took 2 days for approval.Where as in ICICI it was 10 days and counting.

My Father went to collect the vehicle for the delivery in Kodai Automobiles and every thing was simple and smooth. Finally a new baby is back to my home. Manza, Figo are the other.

Our primary purpose is for the usage in our estate and may be use it for our personal travel too.

I had a driven it in the week end. Would say it is far far better than the earlier 540.

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